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Summer Synopsis

15 Aug

Is it really mid-August already? I can hardly believe that the end of summer is nearly upon us. Other than having an amazing 25th birthday in June, here’s what I’ve been up to.

outdoorsMore so than in summers past, I spent some time in the great outdoors. As you can tell, I lost a few days beach bumming with several books during the first half of the summer. The time alone with the all-loving sun kissing my skin felt renewing and restful. Apparently, I posted about my beach endeavors on social media so much that my best friend felt it necessary to buy me a proper outdoor blanket. I am eternally grateful.

animal friendsI made some friends in the animal kingdom. The photo on the left is showing a hug I received from a dog upon our first meeting at a block party. After the photo, she nestled her snout in my neck for a bit. It’s beautiful to see how loving and caring our canine friends can be–even if they don’t know us at all. They’re always willing to give us the benefit of the doubt. The photos on the right show a fawn in our yard. The amazing part being that this is the closest I have ever been able to get to a baby deer. Usually they run away before I can get within ten yards (maybe I don’t have the quietest step).

Craft BeerI had more than my fair share of local craft beer this summer. I even had the honor of attending the Crooked Ladder Brewing Company’s opening weekend and received a private tour from the owner. Although a good beer never really has a season for an enthusiast like me, nothing beats kicking back with a cold one on a warm summer day.

Sookie StackhouseLastly, I managed to drag out my reading of the last Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Ever After, for the majority of the summer. I did the same thing with the Harry Potter series…And the Twilight Series…And the Hunger Games series. Do we see a pattern here? The most unique part of this reading experience; however, is that I was able to read the book while simultaneously following HBO’s True Blood (based on the Sookie Stackhouse books…but I bet you already knew that). It was almost worse than that time during my senior year of college when I had to read two different Jane Austen novels for two different courses at the same time. Holy confusion.

But getting back to Sookie, since I spaced out my reading, and sometimes read the book the same night as watching the HBO series, I was one befuddled Lit Geek. There were so many times that I wanted to blame Warlow in Dead Ever After, and then realized a page or two later that this conclusion made no sense. Although confusing, it was both challenging and interesting to balance the two plots.

What did you do this summer?


Post-Blizzard Beauty

14 Feb


Sure we were all snowed in for 2 days, but look at the beautiful aftermath. I have to say, if anything, this storm made me feel grateful. When I woke up the next morning to find my power still on, I did a victory dance in my pajamas…And then Bosco stared at me.

Aw. Look at him in all his frozen glory.

Aw. Look at him in all his frozen glory.

The view down my street.

The view down my street.

Rustic is an understatement.

Rustic is an understatement.



The Joys of Auntie-hood

11 Dec

Aunts and uncles are always brimming with joy when interacting with their nieces and nephews.  They love to buy clothes, toys and edible goodies for their sibling’s child(ren.)  I’ve been knee-deep in auntie-hood for five years and have certainly enjoyed all the love and affection I’ve received from my nephew.  The only difference in this case–my nephew is a full grown chocolate lab.


Bosco the Chocolate Lab literally knows me as his “Auntie Laina.”  Since 2007 I have made it part of my life to consistently purchase bandanas for all occasions, drive 20 minutes from home just to get those tasty yogurt coated biscuits from the fancy pet boutique and spend hours in Petco trying to figure out which toy he is least likely to succeed in annihilating.   Since my sister got married in November, my duties as Bosco’s auntie have become a bit steeper.  While my sister and her new husband work toward building their new lives together, which includes quite a bit home renovation,  I am acting as Bosco’s guardian.


This means waking up at 5:30 a.m. to let Bosco out to do his business, then toweling him off (because Mother Nature decided to hate New York and give us torrential downpours lately), and then making sure he doesn’t tear the towel to pieces.  He loves linens…to bits.  This also means being pushed into the wall next to my bed by a 90 lb. canine every single night.  Clearly he needs a full size bed all to himself.  He is a growing boy after all.photo

All jokes aside, I’m honored to have the privilege of looking after Bosco to this extent (even if he’s angry at me for blogging right now and keeps shoving his snout in front of my laptop screen).  His future whereabouts are still up in the air, but for now I am grateful for having the company of my furry nephew.

Bosco Welcomes Easter

7 Apr

Ah! At last, it’s the weekend. And not just any weekend, a holiday weekend. Happy Easter to some, happy Passover to others and happy spring to the rest. Bosco the Chocolate Lab had an interesting week of following me (and other family members) around the kitchen during the preparation of our traditional Easter food (pies, breads, etc).  With his snout in the air for days sniffing at bowls, pans and the oven itself, Bosco is tremendously grateful to have a quiet Saturday morning.

Good thing he has the opportunity to catch some Z’s before the Easter bunny comes! He wouldn’t want to miss a thing during this spring holiday. Maybe someday I’ll learn to lounge like Bosco.

The Worst Photography Subject Ever

12 Aug

Bosco in all of his glory, plus eye-goo and something on his nose.

So my boyfriend loves two things very much–the family dog and photography.  Currently he has a Canon Rebel XS, which allows him to take super awesome pictures of everything.  But, of course, we’re talking to a girl to takes all of her photos on her i-Pod (sad I know).

Recently, as a photographer, my beau discovered that a 4-year-old chocolate lab is officially “the worst photography subject ever.” After about half an hour of attempting to photograph the pup, Mr. Photo ended up with these two lovely pics.

What a cutie! ...But I am a little partial.

I felt the need to share these photos with my dear readers for some inexplicable reason. The one directly above is my favorite.  I feel it captures the simplicity of summer (especially from a pup’s perspective), and it also demonstrates the rustic beauty of summer.

Plus, I think these are the best photos that we will ever get of the “worst photography subject ever.”

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