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Post-Holiday Wisdom from the Bell Jar

3 Jan

This is precisely how I feel as each holiday season comes to a close.

Bell Jar Holiday Quote

2 Mar

101 Books

I recently got turned down for a contributing writer position on a popular book website. To be honest, I was surprised. I’ve worked with them before, and even though they received hundreds of applications, I thought I had a pretty good chance.

So when I got the “You Suck” email (which, in actuality, was kindly worded), I had a moment of “You’re Kidding Me? How could you turn me down?” It was an ego check, if I’m honest with you.

But, really, life as a writer is just a series of mountaintop moments and rejections and ego checks. You have a run of bad luck, maybe several rejection letters from magazines, you question what you’re doing with your life, then a publisher/magazine/website finally bites! And they pay you for your work. Imagine that! How exciting!

Then you start to have a little success. One article turns into another article. Your…

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9 Feb


“Blizzard” by William Carlos Williams–

Snow falls:
years of anger following
hours that float idly down —
the blizzard
drifts its weight
deeper and deeper for three days
or sixty years, eh? Then
the sun! a clutter of
yellow and blue flakes —
Hairy looking trees stand out
in long alleys
over a wild solitude.
The man turns and there —
his solitary track stretched out
upon the world.

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5 Feb


This week we have a fresh batch of New Releases, and they are good. Pick up a title and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. As always the book’s blurbs are provided by their publisher.


A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry
Freelance writer Troy Chance is snapping photos of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival ice palace when the ice-cutting machine falls silent. Encased in the ice is the shadowy outline of a body–a man she knows. One of her roommates falls under suspicion, and the media descends. Troy’s assigned to write an in-depth feature on the dead man, who, it turns out, was the privileged son of a wealthy Connecticut family who had been playing at a blue collar life in this Adirondack village. And the deeper Troy digs into his life and mysterious death, the murkier things become.
Autobiography of Us by Aria Beth Sloss

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24 Apr

The Engagement Project

… and because everyone IRL knows who I am now anyway…

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9 Apr

101 Books

Let’s be honest: To some degree, we’re all voyeurs.

Admit it. If you knew J.K. Rowling lived down the street from you, wouldn’t you linger a little bit as you drove past her house–maybe just to catch a glimpse of her writing her next novel in her gold-laced hammock held up by diamond-crusted ropes?

Take it a step further. What if you could see into the bedrooms of your favorite authors? That’s kind of weird, I know. But since Apartment Therapy has already done all the hard work, you don’t have to be a creepy stalker! Check this out.

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7 Apr

101 Books

My wife says I have a man crush on Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s not true. I just think he’s a really good actor. Ever since The Departed, I’ve been a big fan of any movie he’s in.

So if you put one of my favorite actors in the primary role of a movie about one of my favorite novels, then you can imagine how pumped I would be. With that in mind, the newest version of The Great Gatsby is scheduled to come out on Christmas Day of this year.

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