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5 Jul

Australian music duo Empire of the Sun is completely taking over my current playlist. Lately, I’m very into house music and electronic music. Plus, don’t we all love the lavish costumes and Scifi-esque music videos?


Interacting with the Bates Motel

2 Mar


Calling all horror freaks and fanatics! A&E is premiering its new series, Bates Motel, on March 18th. The series will explore the motel and the Bates family as a prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Viewers will get the chance to dive deep into the twisted world of Norman Bates, and hopefully learn a bit about what makes him tick…and stab…and slash….and dress up as his dead mother. In the meantime, A&E is kind enough to let us explore the 12 rooms of Bates Motel here.  It’s awesomely eerie. And once you’re done checking into your room, you can “check in” either on Facebook or Twitter, and unlock a cool sticker (like the one below) for all your friends/followers to see.

bates_motel_coming_soon_meet_dylan_massettIf that extensive marketing plan doesn’t sell you on the series, click “Dig Deeper into the Show” to see trailers, meet the cast and view exclusive photos. You know where I’ll be at 10 pm on March 18th!

Lumineers “Stubborn Love”

27 Feb

I simply love this song, and I just had to share it…with everyone…everywhere. The lyrics are beautifully poetic and penetrate into your soul. It’s my cleaning song, thinking song, writing song, being productive song. Well, I’m basically playing it on repeat until further notice.

Silver Linings Playbook: A Film That Does the Impossible

3 Feb

It was a sunny winter Sunday when I strolled into my local theater for the matinée showing of Silver Linings Playbook, dragging my reluctant boyfriend in tow.  As we approached the ticket counter, I heard a chorus of comments including “I don’t even know what this movie is about,” and “Good, I can catch a two hour snooze.”

Ok, so we’re not all movie-goers, and expectations were low. I get it.

After settling down and debating over seats and whether or not I was willing to share the rare treat of movie theater popcorn, the show began.  The setting is a psychiatric treatment facility in Maryland.  Bradley Cooper, as the bi-polar Pat, is talking to his therapist about Sundays in his house, which always entail his father obsessively watching football, specifically the Eagles, as his mother makes “crabby snacks and homemades” and Sunday dinner. I glance over to my beau, and his eyes are still open…Well it’s only been five minutes.


As the story unfolds, Pat leaves the facility and moves back home with his mom and dad.  We learn about his dysfunctional marriage, and how a violent outburst led him to the psychiatric facility. We find out his dad is played by Robert De Niro (AWESOME) and we meet the widowed, recovering nymphomaniac Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence).

I roll my eyes over to my right—He’s still awake, and paying attention. Hmm…


At first Pat resists his attraction to Tiffany; he sees it as infidelity to his wife Nikki, who currently has an order of protection against him. Eventually, Pat concedes to attempt a platonic relationship with Tiffany.  Despite her own battles with mental illness, she manages to put some order on his life and disciplines him by making a deal. She’ll pass a letter on to Nikki if he trains as her dance partner for a competition.

Ok, so far we have 2 individuals battling severe mental issues, a house heavily engrossed in football culture, a dance competition, the idea that if raisin bran is ordered on a date, it is no longer considered a date and one protagonist who just won’t stop jogging because his wife wanted him to lose weight (this was before she placed a restraining order against him). In my head, this all makes perfect sense.  The balance of drama and humor throughout seems to blend these ideas together into digestible concepts for the audience.


As the plot thickens, there are several behavioral outbursts on Pat’s part and some romantic realizations occur (I’m not giving it away, I swear). The dance competition comes and goes (as expected).  But, what I find most intriguing and, to some extent, comforting, is the fact that the film comes full circle.  It ends at the beginning, but at an improved state of the beginning.  Pat is no longer talking to a therapist about Sundays at his house; he’s participating in it with his family and friends. It ends on a sunny Sunday afternoon while the Eagles play, and all participating can bask in a new-found sense of stability.

The credits start to roll and I look over—he stayed awake the whole time.  As we walk out into our own sunny Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend admits “I liked that one. Good job.”

Of course I, too, thoroughly adored the film. Needless to say, I immediately ran to my local bookstore and picked up a paperback copy of Matthew Quick’s Silver Linings Playbook.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Why I love Jennifer Lawrence: My Hunger Games Review

1 Apr

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the Hunger Games on the silver screen. From the opening scene, where the film focuses on the poverty and starvation of District 12, the audience was clearly hooked. When seeing any movie at the theater, usually one hears some chatter in the background, but for the full run time the ENTIRE audience was silent. When I crunched on my popcorn or had a sip of soda, I was literally the loudest one in the theater.

The most stunning part of this adaptation was Ms. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. With natural beauty and grace, Ms. Lawrence successfully gave life to this strong character. During the Reaping, which was ever reminiscent of the Holocaust, she managed to shine in braided hair and a plain blue dress. Her portrayal of the sisterly love between Prim and Katniss brought my own sister to tears. After her stylists “beautified” her (above), she became “the girl on fire” and truly lit up the screen.

Even during the games with tracker jacker stings, a gash on her head or simply toting around a bow, Ms. Lawrence somehow brought to the screen a bad-ass sweetheart who could shoot an arrow through your eye just as easily as she can hug you. Finally, Hollywood, a self-sufficient heroine who accurately made it from book to screen with little alteration.

Top 7 Halloween Obsessions

23 Oct

Halloween is nearing, and I am totally in my element.  October is a beautiful month–time to bake cookies and wear sweaters! But Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Here’s my top 7 Halloween obsessions:

7. Hocus Pocus

Maybe I’m just a kid at heart, but this Disney classic has always been my favorite. Plus, it’s the only movie featuring Sarah Jessica Parker that I can really stand. All jokes aside, the movie really captures the Halloween spirit for me . And Bette Midler, like usual, is completely glamorous, even as an old, ugly witch desperate for youth. This is a cutsey Halloween guilty pleasure that I indulge in every year around this time.

6. Alter egos

Why yes this is the first photo of me ever posted on this blog (circa 2006?)

A.k.a. Costumes! I usually make a great gypsy (see above) or witch. But I also love to see the trick-or-treaters in their super-cute costumes. Typically, I make sure to either host or attend a Halloween party each year, this way I actually have a reason to purchase a costume.

5.  Pumpkin Spice / Autumn Spice

I am one of those people who counts down until Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts release their pumpkin spice products for the season. Coffee, pancakes, donuts, tea, sangria…Febreze, everything is better when it tastes and smells like fall. And who can refuse a classic hot spiced apple cider?

4. Halloween TV programming

Although I am not  hugely into television, Halloween programming is always my favorite. From ABC Family to AMC to SciFi, I am a glutton for all of the Halloween specials. Even the Travel channel and the Discovery channel feature scary, yet interesting, specials and documentaries featuring haunted travels and “true” ghost stories. My ultimate favorite; however, is the Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror. Satirizing everything from the Shinning to Harry Potter, The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror captures the Halloween spirit.

3. Decorations

The ideal Halloween decor (courtesy of

In my family, Halloween decorating was more important (and more fun) than decorating for Christmas–the more spiderwebs and skeletons the better. The neighborhood kids always looked forward to trick-or-treating at our over-done “Halloween house.” Typically, the decorations include a graveyard, fully spiderwebbed shrubs, purple and orange lights and several motion-sensitive pieces that make noise when trick-or-treaters approach. Last years’ new additions included a 6-foot Dracula and 4-foot Zultan Fortune teller (microphone controlled and motion sensitive).

2. Spooky Cereal

Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry. Enough said.

1. Literary Horror

There is nothing more comfortable than getting cozy with a book, especially when the weather begins to cool down in October.  Around Halloween, you may want to consider Washington Irving’s the Legend of Sleepy Hollow,  Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or anything by Edgar Allan Poe.  Not into classics? Well of course, horror is Stephen King’s turf.


18 Aug

Some individuals may find this song offensive (curses, etc.), but I have to say I love this Kanye–Jay-Z combo.  In their new album, “Watch the Throne,” according to critics, the two artists discuss what it’s like to be successful, wealthy African American men who still encounter the ugly face of prejudice.

It’s soulful, artistic and simply decadent.  Not to mention, it’s a mash-up with Otis Redding.  What’s not to like?  I can’t say my musical taste usually encompasses too much hip-hop or R&B, but I find this one to be exceptional.

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