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Re: “Newspaper + Marker=Poetry”

28 Apr

"THE HANGIN'" by Austin Kleon (courtesy of

After my post about newspaper blackout poetry, I figured I’d post another one of Austin Kleon’s poems. I mainly decided to post this one, because it talks about dance. At last! Two of my hobbies are linked.


The Chronicles of the Dance Show

28 Apr

At the risk of boring my poor readers to death, I will give you all a brief overview of how the dance show went for me with a genre breakdown.


My lyrical dance went fairly well considering I’ve never performed lyrical before. Due to some low blood sugar issues (and a nervous tendency not to eat when I have thesis presentations and the dance show in one day), I had some trouble staying in a few of the poses without shaking. But according to various sources it was not noticeable. I did feel quite uncomfortable wearing tights, tiny shorts and a leotard with a tank top as a costume, but I eventually got over that.


This also went fairly well considering that I haven’t tapped in public for a number of years. I remembered most of the steps, but shuffled a little too early for one time step. Apparently, much like my shaky pose problem with lyrical, it was hardly noticeable. Another minor error: in order to not slide on the stage, I used hair spray on my taps, as another dancer suggested. Well apparently I used too much and ended up sticking to the floor a bit. I prefer that over face-planting though.

This is the type of hair spray I ended up using on my taps. Maybe the extra hold was a little much?

Senior Number

All of the seniors on my university’s dance team participated in one number called the senior number. We ended up performing the different genres together, including ballet/lyrical, Irish step, tap, jazz, and hip hop.  Rotating  lines ensured that the proper dancers were at the front of the stage for each perspective genre. For another first, I performed Irish step in front of hundreds of people. I hope it looked decent, but I’m sure it was, at the very least, entertaining.

Dance Show!

25 Apr

Tonight was the opening night of the dance show. In a previous post, I mentioned tech week, which leads up to this night. Unfortunately, I am so tired that I will not be able to write a great deal tonight, but I promise to update you soon!

Essentially I am exhausted and according to various friends and family members the show was great. Hopefully we can repeat the success tomorrow.

Wifi Discovery!

18 Apr

Hey Readers,

I am currently at tech week practice blogging between dance numbers and I have discovered the most amazing thing–Wifi in and near the aerobics room. My blogging career might not take a steep downward turn quite yet–there is hope.

There is nothing quite interesting to record as of yet. For my lyrical number I didn’t perform particularly well, but I have faith in my abilities to improve. I have yet to see how tap turns out, but I won’t hold tremendously high expectations for myself.

On a side note, I’m pretty excited that one of the team’s dances is using a favorite song of mine, MGMT’s “Electric Feel,”  for a tap number. In case you haven’t heard this pretty amazing song I’ve included the video below.

Tech Week

17 Apr

Hey folks,

I just wanted to let you know that as of tomorrow at 1 pm, tech week for the dance show will begin. So what does this mean? After a full day of classes, work and whatnot, I will be expected to show up to mandatory practices every school night beginning around 8:30. I could be there for only 2 hours, but some tech week nights I am there until about midnight.We run the show, and iron out any kinks. The first practice, which usually begins on a Sunday, happens in two parts because we run the show twice. It will be a long afternoon/evening.

Life could be worse...(courtesy of

Also, opening night is the day that I will be presenting my thesis. I will be high-strung, scary, sleep-deprived, anxious, mean, hungry and likely sick or ailing. So what does this mean? As of tomorrow, do not have high expectations for this blog. Although I am being graded on this blog, I know I am only one human being and my thesis defense must come first, above all else.

Tap Dancing Update

5 Apr

Ok readers, I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated about  my tap dancing progress. With only a few more dance practices until the dance show, I don’t think I’m doing too shabby. I am certainly not at the level of everyone else as of yet, but I’m working on it.

Shirley Temple was pretty good at tapping in all of her movies. Note the slight jealousy. (courtesy of

My choreographers were nice enough to email us a list of time steps that we are to perform at the beginning of the routine. I’ve had some time on my hands with Easter break and all, so I’ve managed to practice a bit. I now see where I am messing up and therefore where I have some questions. I do have some worries about performing still, but there is still time to fix problem areas.

Mario and Tap Dancing!

9 Mar

This video is incredible! Supposedly this man dances on Broadway, and I can see why. This just goes to show how significant the dancer’s movement itself is in the tap genre.

I am literally envious of this man’s talent. Additionally, this type of number also allows his personality to shine through. I suspect that he has played hours of Mario Brothers in order to get that familiar with the song.

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