9 things I learned this week

29 Jan


Post- my sister’s wedding, post-holidays and post crying over an empty bank account, I’ve had some time to think and reflect.  Here’s what I came up with:

1. I have the capability to forgive.

I used to have it…I knew I placed it somewhere…Oh here it is, right where I left it.  It still takes me a while…months, years, decades…but at least I can be assured the ability is there.

2. There is a specific way to dress when meeting with someone who wants to annihilate you.

Dress to impress, especially if it angers them even more.  Want to hate me?  Go head.  At least I’m the one in designer jeans and a cute top.


3. Some things are cyclical…But most are linear or purely stagnant.

Some things in life just repeat.  You think you’re done.  But then, viola! You’re pulled back into it again—for better or worse.  Like the ocean, the waves of repetition just grasp at the sand and rocks over and over again. I have found very few things in life that are so outright cyclical.  Most  are linear—it’s there and now it’s changed and it just keeps going.  While the other majority just stays the same until the end.  There’s something comforting in knowing I can put sense on life events.  It’s more like a plot in a book in that way.

4. Ending at the beginning can be beautiful.

I have tried to leave and build a life elsewhere.  I find myself back at the beginning.  Although I am a different person, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. It’s ok to bask in your own happiness.

Sometimes I’m happy, and that’s ok.  I’m allowed to be satisfied with who I am, what I do and what I hope to do. I don’t need approval to be happy.

6. Social media is the best way for my generation to make sense of our lives.

It’s so easy.  Snap a pic on your iPhone, then crop it and add a filter.  Wow…look at your sweet life. But we all really post the good times. It’s easier to build an even, unadulterated surface this way. This is my generation’s way of putting order to it all.


7. The phrase “quality not quantity” can describe friendship…And also how I feel about designer handbags.

There’s a phrase in journalism: “If it goes without saying, then don’t say it.”  Well, in this instance I said it.

8. Everyone’s life is a mess—but few will key you in to that detail.

When someone does open up to you, just listen. Don’t judge. It’s an honor to be confided in—not a duty.

9. You can’t impress everyone—but at least try to impress someone.

Being well-liked can become an obsession.  Hello, Willy Loman!  You can’t be liked by everyone, nor can you impress everyone.  But surely, at some point, you have impressed someone.  Reflect on that when you are disappointed in yourself.


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