The Joys of Auntie-hood

11 Dec

Aunts and uncles are always brimming with joy when interacting with their nieces and nephews.  They love to buy clothes, toys and edible goodies for their sibling’s child(ren.)  I’ve been knee-deep in auntie-hood for five years and have certainly enjoyed all the love and affection I’ve received from my nephew.  The only difference in this case–my nephew is a full grown chocolate lab.


Bosco the Chocolate Lab literally knows me as his “Auntie Laina.”  Since 2007 I have made it part of my life to consistently purchase bandanas for all occasions, drive 20 minutes from home just to get those tasty yogurt coated biscuits from the fancy pet boutique and spend hours in Petco trying to figure out which toy he is least likely to succeed in annihilating.   Since my sister got married in November, my duties as Bosco’s auntie have become a bit steeper.  While my sister and her new husband work toward building their new lives together, which includes quite a bit home renovation,  I am acting as Bosco’s guardian.


This means waking up at 5:30 a.m. to let Bosco out to do his business, then toweling him off (because Mother Nature decided to hate New York and give us torrential downpours lately), and then making sure he doesn’t tear the towel to pieces.  He loves linens…to bits.  This also means being pushed into the wall next to my bed by a 90 lb. canine every single night.  Clearly he needs a full size bed all to himself.  He is a growing boy after

All jokes aside, I’m honored to have the privilege of looking after Bosco to this extent (even if he’s angry at me for blogging right now and keeps shoving his snout in front of my laptop screen).  His future whereabouts are still up in the air, but for now I am grateful for having the company of my furry nephew.

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    […] pasted back together. My career changed (and not necessarily to my benefit). My canine nephew,Bosco, decided to hate me and never share a bed with me again. I basically turned my back on who I am by […]

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