Why the Hunger Games will (for)ever be in my favor

28 Mar

I have to own up to the fact that I am a certain type of person—a series person.  Although I love the literary classics and devour up volumes of poetry, it is no secret to my readers that I also speed through pages of best-selling series.  I’m more of a Potter fan than a Twi-hard (probably due to Robert Pattinson’s utter lack of cleanliness…). And just as quickly as I consumed, digested and missed those series, I find myself doing the same with the Hunger Games trilogy.

Months ago I purchased the first installment as an impulse buy at my boyfriend’s local Barnes & Noble, seeing as it was my first trip to a bookstore since my local Borders closed over the summer…moment of silence…I managed to buy a few “must reads.”  I bought into the recent hype revolving around the extremely successful film release, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/26/movies/hunger-games-breaks-box-office-records.htm, and finally plucked the first installment from its cozy spot on the bookshelf.

Realistically, one can go on forever about this trilogy, so here are my top 5 reasons for falling in love with the Hunger Games:

1- Katniss is a strong, knowledgeable female character.  She takes on the role of feeding/supporting her family when her dad passes away. She’s totally kickass. And sometimes I have the same explosive temper (only hers is with just cause).

2- This is a love triangle I can actually deal with. Ok?

3- I adore the fact that Katniss and Gale are so in sync with nature.  It makes me wish I had at least tried joining the girl scouts in elementary school.

4- It deems all of my political rants invalid. The US government hasn’t forced my entire town to work in coal mines…at least not yet.

5- It reminds me of some combination of Shirley Black’s “the Lottery,” Richard Connell’s “the Most Dangerous Game” and George Orwell’s 1984.  When I think of the  trilogy in this context, I can justify reading the same book as a 12-year-old.

Although I have not yet seen the film, I plan to do so this weekend. Let’s hope the adaptation can meet my high expectations.

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