Pottermore…More Potter…or What?!

21 Jun

Ok so by now all the Muggle Potter fans have heard that our darling JK is continuing her Potter project in the form of Pottermore. So what is it? More Potter…ok…but it’s NOT a book and it has NOTHING to do with the 8th and final HP film.

Darling JK is to announce what Pottermore is on June 23rd.  Ms. Rowling even went viral with this Pottermore link so the die hard fans can literally count the seconds until they truly know what this mysterious project is.

A quick internet search of "Pottermore" will pull up computer-generated graphics like these. But what does it all mean?!

I highly doubt that I am alone when I say “JK, enough with the suspense building already!”  When it comes to raising suspense, JK can be considered an expert architect.

As a LitGeek, I have a duty to provide my darling readers with at least one prediction. I’m hypothesizing that this Pottemore thingy is perhaps a virtual wizarding world? Or maybe it has something to do with gaming?

With this theory, I am left with only one question to answer. What the heck is with all the owls?!


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