Lit Geek’s current take on (unhappy) relationships

21 Jun

All of my consistent readers know that I typically don’t steer my posts toward opinion, relationships, dating, advice, society, feelings or really anything even remotely connected to these topics. Well I suppose there is a first time for everything.

I have to say that I can no longer comprehend individuals who remain in unhealthy, unhappy relationships. Trust me, I’ve been there…and pretty deep too. Sometimes people don’t feel as though they have other options. Or maybe they become too accustomed to the way things already are in their relationships.

Everyone knows one of those couples. They fight over everything, solve nothing and just make up, only to begin the cycle again. Sometimes agreeing to disagree needs to give way to compromise.

Why would you do this to yourself? (photo courtesy of

When a relationships meets a bad end, it might not be a particular individual’s fault; it was just a bad match up. More often than not in this type of situation, the people themselves are great individually, but become strained from a such bad relationships.  OR sometimes, in my opinion, one weak link really can be the issue in the relationship. If one partner is borderline clinically insane, there’s not a great deal the other partner can do about it. Once again… I’m speaking from experience.

Honestly, it can be better to be alone than in one of these relationships. Friends will give advice on how to help better the relationship, but really sometimes it needs to end. If someone smokes, you tell them it causes cancer. If someone drinks everyday, you tell them it’s a problem. If someone eats trans fats (OH NO), you tell them it will clog their arteries. If someone fights with their significant other everyday (and it has been occurring for a long period of time) it is your duty to tell them the obvious.

Ok story time. One time I was in Victoria’s Secret waiting in line for the register when a teenage couple got in line behind me. The boy ( I say boy because he was perhaps 16) began fighting with his girlfriend over her attempted purchase of a $40 bra. She replied to his argument by loudly calculating how much he spends on video games. Please, America, spare the general public. If you are an unhappy couple, just end it so that we can buy overpriced panties and lotions in peace.

An interesting painting entitled "Couples Bliss" by Lina Scarfi. (Courtesy of

All of that being said, I must disclose that some amount of fighting can be expected. But if you happen to doubt your current match up, maybe some time apart can help. Speaking from the perspective of a 20-something, you have all of your life to be annoyed, tied down and stressed out. If you are unhappy make a change. At the very least, have a serious sit-down and discuss that you aren’t happy. If you are with a mature, relationship-worthy individual, he or she will appreciate your concern for the relationship.

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