Post-grad Apologies

15 Jun

Dearest readers,

I apologize for my lack of updates lately. After graduation I fell ill again (big surprise…right?), and then immediately began the job search journey. I’m currently unsuccessful in that venture, but it certainly is time-consuming for such a fruitless activity.

Since I am thus far unemployed, I hope to update you all on some good reads. Presently I am finishing off the Sookie Stackhouse series (what HBO’s True Blood is based off of). This type of reading is not intended for a serious literary pursuit. Sookie Stackhouse is the typical “beach read.” It’s what you take out in the backyard with you when you feel like tanning poolside or what you read around bed time to wind down from the day’s activities.

Actress Anna Paquin takes on the role of "heroine" Sookie Stackhouse in HBO's series True Blood

At its best, the series is like those trashy romance novels meet some Anne Rice books. Although this sci-fi romance appears like “dumbed down” literature, I have to admit that it becomes pretty addictive.


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