Olympics Opening Ceremony Dances the Night Away

18 Feb

The torches at the opening ceremony (courtesy of http://static.stuff.co.nz)

During President’s Day weekend I managed to scrounge up the time to watch the Olympics opening ceremony for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. I must admit that it was AMAZING.

Besides experiencing the unique dances of the Candian Aborigines, the opening ceremony brought viewers to more contemporary styles of dance. The high-performance projectors allowed for modern dancers to perform in a setting that looked like an open, green field.

It was brilliant to see all of the modern performers in various costumes that mainly typified the average person. At some segments dancers were exhibiting different routines including all different types of turns and leaps, while at other points of the song they were all dancing in unison. It is certainly difficult to come up varied choreography for one song, never mind various routines that all lead up to the same steps.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the opening ceremony (for a dancer at least) was the tap dancing. I’m not sure words can entirely express what was portrayed to viewers through the television. Dancers performed a combination of tap dancing and what looked like Irish step dancing. This second type of dance looked very similiar to Irish step, but slightly differed at certain points, which brings me to believe that Canada has its own form of step dancing.

The best part: tap shoes that shot out flames from behind. These dancers demonstrated that they possess the utmost accuracy, speed and overall technique through completing their routine in FLAMING tap shoes. I am utterly envious of these dancers’ talent.


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